Project: "One" Cover Music Video


Artist: Jenny Skiffington


Role: Director, Editor


Jenny Skiffington is a Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter with a simple style and haunting vocals. We collaborated for the concept of this video and it was my pleasure to bring it to life. We worked with an incredible crew, who I want to credit below.


Lead Vocals: Jenny Skiffington

Guitar: Dustin Green


Directed and edited by: Katie Norry

Cinematography by: Keith Lemelin and Johnny Love

Recorded and mixed by: Eddie Dreher 


Actors --

Couple #1: Andrew Crawford and Becky Brandt

Couple #2: Johnny Love and Jessica Shannon

Couple #3: Keith Lemelin and Giselle Fischman


Production Design: Johnny Love

Hair and Costume Design: Jamie Bohannon



To contact Jenny:







"One" - originally by U2

Written by: Bono and U2

Published by: Island Records